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Our puppies for sale are pure breed, AKC registered, Vet check, up to date on shots and playful with kids and other home pets.“Quality isn’t Expensive, It’s priceless”

We are a dog loving families, with a close relationship, sharing the same passion: raising up the healthiest and happiest Puppies. By all means our Newfoundland and Bernese Mountain Puppies For Sale are healthy and happy for it's our number one priority. Thanks to our daily “hands on” care with each puppy and its parents, we are confident we will provide you with a happy, healthy puppy. Above all, our puppies are bred for excellent health and temperament. We have dedicated ourselves to ensure all our fur babies are properly cared for and shown the love they deserve. Basically, our families recognize and respect the importance of providing puppies with a hands on, loving environment. Our puppies are raised by families that are licensed and inspected. Also, we vouch to always put our puppies and parents’ needs first. In all that we will provide necessary assistance and information to our future and ongoing customers, reinforcing each puppy is going to a puppy educated and prepared home

About Us

We are breeders of Quality, Healthy Newfoundland and Bernese Mountain puppies. Our puppies are part of our family and are raised in the home, so the mother and puppies can be cared for around the clock. We strive for well-adjusted, socialized puppies with good temperaments. We raise all our Newfoundland And Bernese Mountain Puppies  puppies with the highest breed standards and provide them with all the attention and love they need before being delivered to our customer’s homes. They are well-socialized and spend time playing with other pets, family, are friends. We do this so that when the puppy sets foot in your home, they are already used to human hands and smell. All our Newfoundland and Bernese Mountain puppies are fun for children.

All our puppies come with a full health check, microchip, vaccination, and preliminary back x-rays; we do initial x-rays. When we entrust our puppies to their new owners, we ensure we have selected a loving home where the new owner knows and acknowledges that we will always be there for any questions or advice. We love receiving ongoing pictures and updates on how their puppy is maturing.

All puppies come with a puppy pack, consisting of a folder with pedigree papers, all vet information, a fact sheet covering what to and not to feed a puppy, a puppy booklet, soft toys, etc

What Our Customers Say

Thanks so much for helping us find Gus! We are dog people and have always had them in our lives, but even we were amazed at his fantastic demeanor. He is loving and well behaved and more than we had hoped for in a new family pet. As our daughter’s birthday gift, he has far surpassed our expectations and brought us so much joy. He is happy to play when she wants to and to just sit and cuddle if that suits her as well. We are so glad we did our homework to find One Stop English Bulldog Home. There is no comparison between your service and any other source we looked at. We were pleased with the process and happy to see he arrived just as planned with no stress from his journey. He is definitely not the last dog we will purchase from Smart Puppies Den. Many thanks!
Eric Evans
Hi All, It’s because am happy and grateful to receive my puppy Bridget that am writing this review. I have placed the order from the website, easy and clear process and since then was contacted by Daniel an agent from Smart Puppies Smart Puppies Den. He was available all the time guiding me through the process. I must say that gave me comfort since it’s the first time I order a puppy online. I am from Canada for those familiar with my country you would know that health and safety are quite strict here and with that Daniel was of great help securing all the required health tests and vaccines. At times I had doubts that I won’t receive Bridget or wouldn’t know how to take care of her, again Daniel was there guiding me and taking me through the process. The day I went to the airport to receive Bridget was unforgettable experience. She is a bundle of joy and as cute as she looked on the website. Yes, I not only recommend others to order from Smart Puppies Den, I am placing my next order soon. Thank you so much for this wonderful experience and adding a new member to our family.
Jerry Flowers
Thank you so much for bringing us Diego! He is the sweetest, most cuddly puppy ever. Working with you guys was so easy, Daniel and Grace were there to answer every question we had. My husband & I felt so comfortable with you guys. They managed to send Diego out a few days early to accommodate our schedules, and when he came off the plane he was happy as could be. He loves to snuggle and is so curious and excited about everything he sees. He has very good manners and is already pad trained. We love him very much and are so thankful for your help in receiving this precious little guy.
Diane Karl